The rear of a tow vehicle can be weighed down by the mass of a trailer resulting in hazardous conditions. Such hazards include a reduce in steering control, difficulties braking, and hitch dragging. This is why proper weight distribution is essential. Equal-i-zer brand hitches fend off such hazards by providing the proper weight distribution needed to control the load. With Equal-i-zer the trailers' weight is safely and evenly distributed to any axles the vehicle may have.. Below are a few equal-i-zer hitches to accommodate your specific needs.


equalizer e2Equalizer E2

Economical as well as heavy duty, the E2 features a built-in sway control system that offers weight distribution in combination with 2-point Sway Control. Linear steel-on-steel friction is offered by this 2-point sway control which is an improvement over any brake pad material. Not to mention the E2 eliminates the pendulum effect, commonly implemented with chain style hitches and outperforms any two add-on sway bars. The E2 is available to accommodate weights of 6000lbs, 8000lbs, 10000lbs, and 12000lbs.


Equal-i-zer, Without ShankEqual-i-zer, Without Shank

4-Point Sway Control trumps all when it comes to sway control performance. Add-on sway bars aren’t required and without drilling or taping installation is quick and easy. Standard package includes integrated sway control, hitch head, spring arms, standard shank, and installation hardware as well as a nifty snap-up lever. This product is available in three sizes to accommodate any towing requirements. Maximum tongue weight and trailer weight determine listing, hitch ball isn't included.
Equal-I-Zer Weight Distribution Equalizer Hitch

Equal-I-Zer Weight Distribution Equalizer Hitch

Equal-i-zer hitches ward off trailer sway with 4-Point Sway Control. Equal-i-zer's 4-Point Sway Control is composed of 4 positive friction areas that work simultaneously to prevent trailer sway. 4-Point Sway Control is much better than any cam-type systems or "add-on" friction bars that are used with chain-style or conventional weight distribution hitches. Equal-i-zer’s unique two-in-one design combines weight distribution and sway control into one simple unit, making it easy to use. This kit includes everything needed except the hitch ball and the tools of course. Provided below are links to the four sizes are available.